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The Apple Branch - A Path to Celtic Ritual

Alexei Kondratiev

ISBN 1898256314 - The Collins Press

Written with the clear insight and rich knowledge that all those who have come into contact with Mr Kondratiev, the Apple Branch details a mapbook for seekers of Celtic Spirituality. Whereas a great many authors are afraid to view the relationship between the Pagan and Christian practitioners of the Celtic Tradition, this book is able to show the value of the exchange that Christianity has taken from and given to Celtic Spirituality, and working with those practices in the modern era.

Each chapter provides a blueprint for related ceremonies, drawing for the wellspring of Celtic Spirituality. The key is through the rituals which are closely connected with the passing of the year, the four seasons, the solstices and equinoxes, as well as other feast days.

The Tale of Celts
A concise "history" of the Celts, this is both historically accurate and well-researched, and thankfully lacking in the often over-romanticized interpretation of events that many books on the subject inflict upon us.

Drawing the Circle
This chapter is really a guide to geting started.

The Cycle of the Earth and Sun
Deals with the cross quarter holidays and the sun holidays with which many involved with Druidiam, Wicca and Neo-Paganism will be familiar, here Mr Kondratiev digs deep into the Celtic Mythos to provide us with a much richer source.

The Cycle of the Moon
Detailing the Celtic lunar calendar.

Cycle of the Tribe
This chapter details the remaining six Celtic nations, their Patron Saints and associated day.

Reviewed by J. Craig Melia - 2002